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Test Code BLOOD ST Stool Occult Blood

Important Note

Specimens submitted in diapers are NOT acceptable.

Clinical System Name

Stool Occult Blood


Feces Occult Blood

Fecal Blood
Hemoglobin - Stool
RBC Stool


The Stool Occult Blood test is a rapid, convenient and qualitative method for detecting fecal occult blood which may be indicative of gastrointestinal disease. It is not a test for colorectal cancer or any other specific diseases.

Sample Requirements

Specimen:  Stool

Container(s): Sterile Screw-Capped Container  or a Hemoccult® slide with adequate sample. No Diapers

Preferred Vol: 1 gram stool

Minimum Vol: 1 gram stool


Note: Fecal specimens should not be collected if hematuria or obvious rectal bleeding, such as from hemorrhoids, is present. Premenopausal women must be instructed to avoid collecting fecal specimens during or in the first three days after a menstrual period. Prior to collection the patient should avoid: red meat, turnips, horseradish, vitamin C (in excess of 250 mG/day), aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. Foods to eat: small amounts of chicken and tuna, cooked fruits and vegetables, peanuts, popcorn, bran cereal. Since bleeding from gastrointestinal lesions may be intermittent, fecal specimens for testing should be collected from three consecutive bowel movements or three bowel movements closed spaced in time. Cimetidine (Tagamet) prescribed for ulcers has no effect on test. This test may NOT be used for gastric specimens. Samples are stable for 36 hours.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Insufficient quantity of stool, stools sent in diapers or formalin.

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: 2-8oC

Storage location: Core 5 Chemistry Refrigerator


Off-site collection: Send stool refrigerated in a Sterile Screw-Capped Container (No diapers), and

Hemoccult® slides RT, protect from light.




Specimen Type Temperature Time
Stool RT

 36 H

Stool 2-8oC

 36 H

Stool -20oC or -70oC

36 H

Hemoccult® slides containing sample may be stored for up to 14 days at RT (15-30oC)  before developing. Protect from light. heat, and volatile chemicals.


STAT Performed TAT
Y 24/7 1 H


Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory    


Department:  Core Chemistry

Phone Number206-987-2561


Lab Client Services: 206-987-2617

Reference Range




Method: Guiac paper/Enzymatic reaction by Hemoccult®

Analytical Volume: 1.0 mL

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