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Test Code Br Test Fasting Breath Test Fasting

Clinical System Name

Breath Test Fasting


This test must be scheduled in advance with the Chemistry Lab. (206)987- 3860.  Outside orders should be faxed to 206-985-3124. Patients must be off of antibiotics for two weeks and should fast for 10 h prior to test.  A 6 h fast is acceptable for infants.



Sample Requirements

Specimen: Breath


Preferred Vol:

Minimum Vol:


Note: Patients must be off antibiotics for 2 weeks and should fast 10 hours prior to test. A 6 hour fast is acceptable for infants who cannot fast 10 hours.


STAT Performed TAT
N M, W, Th, day shift 1 d


Test must be scheduled with chemistry lab (206) 987-3860.

Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory    



Department:  Chemistry

Location: Chem East

Phone Number: (206) 987-3860


Reference Range


  Hydrogen Methane Hydrogen + Methane
Fasting alveolar air     < 20 ppm
Bacterial overgrowth or residual fiber in colon > 20 ppm > 7 ppm > 20 ppm



Method: Gas Chromatography

Analytical Volume:


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