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Test Code C F Blood Fungal Blood Culture

Important Note

Important Note: Blood should be collected in Wampole Isolator Tubes. These tubes can be obtained from Microbiology (7-2585) prior to collecting sample.

Biohazard Infectious

Clinical System Name

Blood Culture, Fungal


Filamentous Fungus








This culture includes Fungal Blood Culture. This culture type is for systemic fungi (Histoplasma, Blastomyces, and Coccidioides), and other filamentous molds (Aspergillus, Zygomycetes, Fusarium, etc.). If culture is intended for yeast, see Blood Culture, Aerobic + Yeast. If sample is not blood, such as nail, hair or skin scrapings, see Fungal Culture. If sample is bone marrow, see Bone Marrow Culture or C FUNG BMAR.


Blood culture bottles are optimal for yeast but sub-optimal for isolation of filamentous/systemic fungi such as Aspergillis, Coccidiodes, Fusarium, Histoplasma and Blastomyces.

Sample Requirements

SCH Main Campus Specimen Collection: Collect 6-10 mLs of blood, in Wampole ISOLATOR tube(s) (contact Microbiology Lab for collection tubes 206-987-2585) and send to the laboratory for processing. Note: if AFB culture is also ordered, this can be performed from the same tube.


Sample must be received by UW Microbiology within 12 hours of collection for testing to be performed. Specimen must also be received before 10 pm. Delayed specimen(s) will be rejected. Sample should be kept at room temperature.


Off-Site Specimen collection: Blood culture for filamentous fungi should only be collected at SCH Main Campus. If culture for yeast is requested, this can be collected in an aerobic blood culture bottle.


Specimen: Blood

Container: ISOLATOR Tube (obtain from Microbiology Lab 7-2585)

Preferred Vol: 8-10ml (Blood)

Minimum Vol: 0.5 mL (Blood) is acceptable if baby is <3kg.

Processing Instructions

CPA: Send sample to Microbiology for send out paperwork. Sample must be sent to UW Micro so that it is recieved within 12 hours of collection, and before 10 pm.


Off-site processing:  Fungal blood cultures are not set up at Off-site Children's Lab locations.


Temp Time
Room temp

12 hours from time of collection

Refrigerated N
Frozen N



Procedure Performed Turn Around Time (TAT)
Culture Culture set-up before 10pm at UW Micro 4 weeks


Cultures are read at appropriate intervals to detect early growth. STAT requests are not applicable.

Performing Laboratory

University of Washington

Dept of Laboratory Medicine

University of Washington Microbiology Laboratory

1959 NE Pacific St, NW 220

Seattle, WA 98195


Phone Number: (206) 598-6147




Department: Send Outs


Phone Number: (206) 987-2563

CPT Codes



This test is not limited to the CPT codes listed.  Others may be added as more testing is necessary and depending on the pathogens isolated (such as MIC's and ID's)

Reporting Information

Negative Final Report: 4 weeks


Notifiable Result

See Link below for Notifiable Conditions for WA state labs:


See Link below for PDF of phone numbers for Local Health jurisdictions (by County) in WA State: