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Test Code CCT Breast Milk Creamatocrit

Clinical System Name

Breast Milk Creamatocrit


Breast Milk-Caloric Content
Caloric Content Human Milk
Creamatocrit, Breast Milk
Milk, Breast Caloric Content

Caloric Value Breast Milk


As breast milk is often expressed by various techniques (manual, hand pump, electric pump) and under a variety of emotional and dietary conditions for the mother, fat content may vary. The creamtocrit may be useful in assessing the general nutritional adequacy of milk collected under these varying conditions. When expressed milk is used for feeding the newborn that is not able to suckle, creamatocrit determinations will enable more accurate assessment of actual caloric intake by the infant. A complete sample of the milk expressed from at least one breast is required if the caloric value of the entire milk produced by a mother is to be ascertained. A creamatocrit performed on a spot milk sample may not reflect the caloric value of that mother's milk.



Sample Requirements

Specimen: Breast milk

Container(s): Sterile Screw-Capped Container

Preferred Vol:   1.0 mL

Minimum Vol:   0.5 mL


Note:  Collect a "representative" sample of breast milk. Mix and send a minimum of 1.0 mL to the lab. This test is for the caloric content of human milk.   The energy value is directly related to the fat content of the milk, which varies directly with the degree of breast emptying during lactation.



Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Age of Specimen

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: 2-8oC

Storage location: Core 5 Chemistry Refrigerator


Off-site collection:  Collect a "representative" sample of breast milk. Mix and send a minimum of 1.0 mL to the lab. Refrigerate at 2-8oC if specimen cannot be sent immediately




Specimen Type Temperature Time
Breast Milk RT

2 H

Breast Milk 2-8oC

 14 D

Breast Milk -20oC or -70oC

 30 D



STAT Performed TAT
Y 24/7 1 H


Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory    


Department:  Core Chemistry

Phone Number: 206-987-2617

Reference Range


50 - 85 kcal/dL breast milk



Method: Spun Crematocrit read with a micro-capillary reader

Analytical Volume:  0.15 m L (2 spun Crematocrit Capillary tubes)

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