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Test Code COG PB8 Flow COG Peripheral Blood day 8 MRD by Flow Cytometry

Important Note

For further information, contact the Cell Marker Lab at (206) 987-2560.

Clinical System Name

COG Periph Blood for Day 8 Flow Cytometry


This testing is only for patients on Children's Oncology group research B-ALL protocols that require peripheral blood day 8 minimal residual disease monitoring.

Sample Requirements

Specimen:  Whole Blood

Container(s):  Lavender/EDTA or Dark Green/Na Heparin.  Heparin is preferred for off-site collection.

Preferred Vol: 5 mL

Minimum Vol:  Dependent on cell count; consult Cell Marker Lab (206) 987-2560


Processing Instructions

Reject due to:  N

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp:  Room Temperature

Storage location:  Days:  M - F until 1630, transport specimen and labels to 10th floor Cell Markers (station #280); call before tubing specimen to make sure there is someone available to do testing.


Storage location after hours:  Store sample in Cell Markers RT box in CPA.  Testing will be performed the next working day.  Note:  Cell Markers is closed on Sundays and Holidays.  If a sample will be older than the stability limit on the next working day, contact the Pathologist on call.


Off-site collection:  Keep specimen at room temperature and transport to Seattle Children's Lab as soon as possible.  Please contact Laboratory Client Services at (206) 987-2617 with method of transport and shipping number.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
EDTA Room temp 48 hours
  Refrigerated N


Na Heparin Room temp 96 hours
  Refrigerated N
  Frozen N



STAT Performed TAT
N Monday - Friday 0800-1630.  Outside these times testing will be performed the next working day. 2-3 days


Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory


Department:  Cell Marker Lab

Phone Number: (206) 987-2560


Method: Flow Cytometry

Analytical Volume:  Dependent on cell count; consult lab.


CPT Codes

Consult Laboratory Client Services (206) 987-2617


For off-site collection use: Bone Marrow/Malignancy (Off-site collection) - Flow, Morphology, Cytogenetics