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Test Code DISACCHARD Biopsy Disaccharidase Panel

Clinical System Name

Biopsy Disaccharidase Panel


Bowel Disaccharidases

Sample Requirements

Specimen:Gastric Specimen

Container(s): Cryovial

Preferred Vol:Biopsy

Minimum Vol:


Note: Obtain DRY ICE from Main Lab PRIOR to collecting sample. WET ICE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Sample MUST be placed on DRY ICE ASAP. Walk up to Main Lab on DRY ICE.


Processing Instructions

Reject due to:

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: - 70 C


Storage location: KEEP SAMPLES ON DRY ICE WHILE PROCESSING. 1) Place a large cerner label on a 15 mL Falcon tube. 2) While keeping sample on dry ice, walk sample and labelled Falcon tube to the -70 C freezer. 3) Just outside the freezer quickly place cryovial sample in labelled Falcon tube, screw on top, then place Falcon tube in sendouts -70 rack. Ask send outs if you have any questions.


Off-site collection:


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Biopsy Room temp N
  Refrigerated N
  Frozen Y



STAT Performed TAT
N M - F 3 - 5 d


Performing Laboratory

Medical College of Wisconsin



Medical College of Wisconsin


MACC Fund Research Center - Room 5035
8701 Watertown Plank Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Phone Number: (414) 955-4166

Reference Range


Enzyme Value mcmol/gm/min
Lactase age <5 >14.1
Lactase age >or= 5 >7.5
Sucrase >25.5
Glucoamylase >25.5
Palatinase >4.3



Method: None specified

Analytical Volume: 4 mg


CPT Codes


Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name: None specified
Reference Test Number: None specified
Instructions: No Saturday delivery available