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Test Code Donor Vir Bloodworks Northwest Donor Virology Battery

Clinical System Name

PSBC Donor Virology Battery


Donor Battery

PSBC Virology Donor Panel

Donor Virology Battery PSBC

BWNW Donor Virology Battery


Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Red and Lavender/EDTA

Preferred Vol: 7 mL Red + 21 mL (3 x 7 mL) Lavender

Minimum Vol: 7 mL Red + 14 mL (2 x 7 mL) Lavender


Note: Profile includes: HBsAG, anti HBc, anti HCV, anti HIV-1/-2, anti HTLV-I/-II, STS and HCV.HIV/HBV NAT. EDTA solution can be K2 or K3 not Na2. Write date and time on patient label. Use BWNW Donor Testing requisition. Deliver whole blood to the Lab.


Processing Instructions

Reject due to:

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: RT

Storage location: Give whole blood to Transfusion Support with BWNW Donor Testing requisition. Bloodworks Northwest requisition must be complete and accompany specimen to lab. Place labels and back copy of requisition in send outs box on the CPA fridge.


Off-site collection:


STAT Performed TAT
N Daily 3 d


Performing Laboratory

Bloodworks Northwest


Donor Testing/Virology Lab

921 Terry Avenue

Seattle WA 98104

(425) 656-7907


Reference Range



Method: None specified

Analytical Volume: None specified


Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name:

Donor Battery

Reference Test Number:  
Instructions: Send sample & requisition to Bloodworks Northwest via courier.