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Test Code FH Flow Flow Cytometry FHCRC

Important Note

FH FLOW ONLY AVAILABLE FOR BMT/HSCT PATIENTS.  Other FH/SCCA orders must be pre-approved by pathologist, otherwise Flow Cytometry is performed at Children's Laboratory. 


For CSF flow (BMT/HSCT Patients): see sample requirements and processing instructions below.


Clinical System Name

Flow Cytometry FHCRC


Flow Cytometry (BMT/HSCT pt only)

Immunophenotyping (BMT/HSCT pt only)


Only available for BMT/HSCT patients.  Other orders must be pre-approved, otherwise Flow Cytometry is performed at Children's Laboratory. 

Sample Requirements

Specimen:  Whole Blood or Bone Marrow

Container(s):  Dark Green Top/Na Heparin

Preferred Vol:  1-5 mL

Minimum Vol:  no micro collection


Note:  Deliver with other collections to Children's Laboratory. 

For bone marrow testing, see separate Bone Marrow Aspirate listing for more detailed info. Lavender is acceptable, not preferred.


For CSF flow cytometry (BMT/HSCT patients)

Specimen: Cerebrospinal fluid

Container(s): CSF collection tubes

Preferred Vol: 3-5 mL

Minimum Vol:  dependent on blast count, consult lab

Processing Instructions

Reject due to:  ?

Spin:  NO

Aliquot:  NO

Temp:  RT

Storage location:  After hours:  follow instructions on "Cytogenetics/Cell Sort After Hours Flowsheet" located in the SCCA specimen handling manual.


Note FOR CSF sendout for flow: cells in CSF are extremely fragile.  RPMI should be added in approximately 1:1 ratio before sending out for additional testing.  Sendouts will contact Cell Markers lab to add RPMI (or prealiquoted RPMI also available in Histology refrigerator).


Off-site collection:  Contact UW Hematopathology at (206) 288-7060 for instructions.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
  Room temp  
  Refrigerated NO
  Frozen NO



STAT Performed TAT
  M-F  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 1 - 5 days


Performing Laboratory

UW Hematopathology


Department:  UW Hematopathology Laboratory, 825 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA, 98195

Phone Number:  (206) 288-7060


Reference Range

none specified


Method:  None specified

Analytical Volume:  None specified

Limitations:  None specified

CPT Codes



Place test orders in CIS.

For bone marrow, use CIS order "HemOnc Bone Marrow Requisition" or "Hematopoietic Transplant Marrow Requisition", as appropriate.

Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name: None specified
Reference Test Number: None specified
Instructions: Send to UW Hematopathology Lab 825 Eastlake Ave E. Seattle, WA.  206-288-7060.