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Test Code Factor I Factor I Complement Protein

Important Note

Must be processed and frozen within 30 minutes of collection.

Clinical System Name

Factor I Complement Protein


None specified

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Lavender/EDTA

Preferred Vol: 2.0 mL

Minimum Vol: 0.5 mL


Note: Send to the Lab immediately after collection.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Slight to moderate hemolysis ok, gross is not acceptable. Thawed specimen.

Spin: Y

Aliquot: Y

Temp: -70 C

Storage location: Spin blood immediately, transfer 1 mL plasma to a plastic tube affixed with large computer label. Deliver specimen to the freezer send-outs rack. Plasma should be frozen within 1/2 hour of blood draw.


Off-site collection: Spin blood immediately. Plasma should be frozen within 1/2 hour of blood draw.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Plasma Room temp N
  Refrigerated N
  Frozen  1 yr



STAT Performed TAT
N Drawn daily; performed F up to 4 w


Performing Laboratory

National Jewish Medical Center



National Jewish Medical Center

Complement Laboratory - Room M013
1400 Jackson St
Denver, CO 80206

Phone Number: (800) 550-6227



Reference Range


Reference Interval
29.3 - 58.5 mcg/mL



Method: Radioimmunoassay

Analytical Volume: None specified


CPT Codes



Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name: Factor I Level
Reference Test Number: FIL
Instructions: Ship frozen samples overnight to National Jewish Medical Center Complement Laboratory.