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Test Code Fanconi Fanconi Anemia Breakage Study

Important Note

Sample must arrive at SCH Main Lab M - F before 1430. CPA: Please notify send outs at (206) 987-2563.

Clinical System Name

Fanconi Anemia Breakage Study


Breakage Study
Fanconi Anemia

Mutagen Stress Test

DEB Test

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Dark Green/Sodium Heparin

Preferred Vol:10 mL (low lymphocyte number) or 3-5 mL (normal lymphocyte number)

Minimum Vol: 5 mL


Note: Do not use gel separator tubes or lithium heparin tubes (i.e. no microtainers). Draw samples Monday - Friday 7AM - 1330 PM ONLY. Keep sample at room temperature; deliver promptly to the Lab.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Clotted or frozen specimen.

Spin: N


Temp: RT

Storage location: Keep sample at room temperature. Store specimen and labels in the Send Outs room temperature box in CPA. Notify Send Outs immediately.


Off-site collection: Keep sample at room temperature. Deliver promptly to lab.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
  Room temp  



STAT Performed TAT
N Processed daily 7 - 14 d


Performing Laboratory

Fairview Diagnostic Laboratories

University of Minnesota Physicians

500 Harvard St. SE
Minneapolis, MN, 55455


Phone Number: (612) 273-7838


Department: Send Outs


Phone: (206) 987-2563



Reference Range

Interpretive report provided.


Method: Determined by laboratory director based on clinical information. Chromosome breakage analysis.

Analytical Volume: None specified


Special Instructions

Links to:


Fairview Diagnostic Laboratories



Clinical Utility

Fanconi Anemia GeneReviews

Send Out Instructions

Reference Test Name:

Chromosome Analysis, Blood, Fanconi Mutagen Sensitivity Study

Reference Test Number:



Instructions: Ship PRIORITY at room temperature M-F to University of Minnesota Physicians, Fairview Diagnostic Labs, 500 Harvard St. SE, Room 3-580, Minneapolis, MN, 55455. Fairview accepts Saturday delivery.