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Test Code GC PCR Neisseria gonorrhoeae PCR

Biohazard Infectious


Gonorrhoeae PCR

Neisseria gonorrhoeae amplified probe


Clincal System Name

Neisseria gonorrhoeae PCR


This test includes nucleic acid amplification for Neisseria gonorrhoeae with amplified probe technique. It is the recommended testing platform for Neisseria gonorrhoeae because of the rapid turn around time and test sensitivity.

If an antibiotic sensitivity is needed, collect a BD E Swab for Genital Culture.

For forensic evaluation of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, please see Sexual Assault Photo Swab Guide and order CT GC PCR and Culture, GC Screen + Wet Mount through the Sexual Assault PowerPlan.


Sample Requirements

Specimen: Dirty Catch Urine, Endocervical, Vaginal, Throat, Rectal
Accepted but not validated and not optimal: Eye, Urethral, Penile


  • Sterile Container for all Urines
  • "GeneXpert Vaginal Endocervical Collection kit" CT/NG swabs for all in house PCR testing
  • If sample is bloody collect instead:
    • "Aptima Unisex Collection kit" for Endovervical or Urethral sites.
    • "Aptima Multitest Collection kit" for Vaginal Penile, Throat, or Rectal Sites
  • UTM swabs are acceptable but not optimal and strongly discouraged

Preferred Vol: 10mL for Urine

Minimum Vol: 7mL for Urine

Please consult the Photo Swab Guide to determine which swab to collect.

First-catch urine or dirty catch urine with no genital cleaning (NOT mid-stream clean catch) is required. If the patient has submitted a clean catch sample, a dirty catch sample can be submitted on the following day.

Clean catch urines are unacceptable for testing and will be REJECTED. Bloody swabs/urine samples will be sent to University of Washington for testing.  Send bloody urine to lab in sterile container.  Collect bloody Vaginal or Endocervical samples with Gen-Probe APTIMA collection kit. Call Microbiology (206-987-2585) for APTIMA Kits.

Samples received in Aptima collection kits will be forwarded to the University of Washington for testing.


Processing Instructions

CPA: Send sample to Microbiology for processing.

Regional Clinic collection: Send to SCH Main Campus for testing. Refrigerate before and during courier transport. If urine sample received is less than minimal volume, call Microbiology at 206-987-2585 for consult on running or cancelling the test. Additional questions on collection and other specimen sites, contact CF/ Molecular Microbiology Supervisor or Director of Microbiology.



Temp Time
Room temp 24 hours
Refrigerated 1 week
Frozen N


Xpert Vaginal/Endocervical Swabs
Temp Time
Room temp 60 days
Refrigerated 60 days
Frozen N


Aptima Multitest Swab Specimen Collection Kit
Temp Time
Room temp 30 days
Refrigerated 30 days
Frozen N


Aptima Unisex Swab Specimen Collection Kit
Temp Time
Room temp 30 days
Refrigerated 30 days
Frozen N


Procedure Performed Turn Around Time (TAT)
In-House PCR (Cepheid) 24/7 3-5 hours
APTIMA PCR (for bloody samples sent to UW for testing) 24/7

3-5 days

Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory



Microbiology Laboratory

CPT Codes


Reporting Information

Final Report (Cepheid): 3-5 hours

Final Report (Aptima): 3-5 days

Notifiable Result

See Link below for Notifiable Conditions for WA state labs:


See Link below for PDF of phone numbers for Local Health jurisdictions (by County) in WA State: