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Test Code GalCer Kr Galactocerebrosidase (Krabbe)

Important Note

This testing must be collected M - Th between 0700 - 1330 only.

Clinical System Name

Galactocerebrosidase (Krabbe)



GalCer Kr
Krabbe Disease

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Dark Green/Sodium Heparin

Preferred Vol: 6 - 8 mL

Minimum Vol: 2 mL


Note: Ordering physician needs to fill out clinical history form. Ideal to collect blood Mon - Thurs prior to 1 pm (samples not shipped same day may yield questionable results). Send sample to lab promptly with clinical history form.


Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Inability to ship sample same day drawn

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: RT

Storage location: Affix large Cerner label(s) to tube(s) and place in room temp send-outs rack. Notify send outs Tech.


Off-site collection: No off-site collection.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Whole Blood Room temp Y
  Refrigerated N
  Frozen N



STAT Performed TAT
N   10 - 14 d


Performing Laboratory

Lysosomal Diseases Testing Laboratory


Lysosomal Diseases Testing Laboratory

1020 Locust St, Room 346
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Reference Range

Interpretive report provided.


Method: Enzymatic

Analytical Volume: 2 mL


Special Instructions

Clinical History Form

Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name:  
Reference Test Number:  
Instructions: Ship at room temperature with clinical history form, avoid freezing sample. Send Mon - Thurs, overnight via FedEx to Thomas Jefferson University.