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Test Code HCO3 U Urine Bicarbonate

Clinical System Name

Urine Bicarbonate


Bicarbonate (HCO3) Urine
HCO3, Urine
Urine Bicarbonate
Urine HCO3


Sample Requirements

Specimen: Urine

Container(s): Syringe, Red, Dark Green/Sodium Heparin

Preferred Vol: See note

Minimum Vol: 0.2 mL

Note: Specimen requirements: 1.0 - 10.0 mL random urine collected anaerobically in a syringe. Seal syringe and place on ice. Do not expose sample to air. Send to the lab immediately. Refer to Clinical Policy/Procedures for "Urine Specimen from an Indwelling Catheter" for specimen collection information. Urine collected in a cup may also be transfered to a Red Top Tube.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to: EDTA

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: 2 - 4 C

Storage location: Minimize exposure to air. Give promptly to send-outs. If Send Outs is unavailable, follow the STAT Send Outs Procedure by batching the test in Mayo Access. Send the sample STAT on an ice pack to HMC via Delivery Express.


Off-site collection: No off-site collections.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
  Room temp

1 h





STAT Performed TAT
Y Daily 5 h


Performing Laboratory

Harborview Medical Center

Harborview Medical Center Stat Lab

325 9th Ave, Box 359743

Ground West Hospital, Room 47
Seattle, WA 98104


Phone Number: (206) 520-4600

For STAT Inquiries, refer to Phone Number: (206) 744-3451


Department:  Send Outs

Phone Number: (206) 987-2563

Reference Range

<5 mEq/L


Method: Spectrophotometric

Analytical Volume: None specified


CPT Codes



Send Out Instructions

Reference Test Name: Carbon Dioxide, Fluid
Reference Test Number:



Send STAT to HMC on an ice pack, via Delivery Express.