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Test Code Newborn Sc State Newborn Screen

Important Note

The State Newborn Screen includes "expanded NBS" by tandem mass spectrometry and tests for the conditions listed on the requistion link.  Blood collection cards are supplied by the Lab or by unit coordinators in the inpatient floors.

Method is affected by diet, moisture absorbed by the card, improper collection, or being placed in a plastic bag. The sample will be automatically rejected if it is QNS, if a QNS sample has been "added to" (filled from different blood draws) or if it is in a plastic bag. A Children's Lab requisition must accompany the sample.

Clinical System Name

State Newborn Screen


CAH Screen
Congen. Adrenal Hyperplas. Scrn
Expanded Newborn Screening
Extended Newborn Screening
Guthrie Test
Newborn Metabolic Screen
Newborn Screen, WA State
Phenylketonuria Screen - Blood
PKU Newborn Screen
PKU Screen - Blood



Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole blood

Container(s):Dried Blood Spot Card

Preferred Vol: 5 full circles

Minimum Vol:  4 full circles


Note: Completely fill circles with blood. Complete ALL information on the card. Don't use a card with the name/address of another hospital! Send to the Lab in the paper envelope provided.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to:  if QNS or if a QNS sample has been "added to" (filled from different blood draws) or if it is in a plastic bag.

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: Room temp


Storage location:  Allow the PKU card to air dry on pillar next to the aliquot station. Put dried sample and Cerner labels in the send outs box on the side of the CPA refrigerator.


Off-site collection: Transport at room temp.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
  Room temp






STAT Performed TAT
N Daily 14 d


Performing Laboratory

Washington State Lab - Newborn Screening Program



Washington State Lab - Newborn Screening Program

1610 NE 150th Street
Shoreline, WA 98155


Phone Number

(206) 418-5410



Reference Range


PKU Screen Normal
Thyroid Screen Normal
CAH Screen Normal
Hemoglobin Screen Normal
Biotinidase Screen Normal
Galactosemia Screen Normal
Cystic Fibrosis Screen Normal
Amino Acid Profile Normal
Organic Acid Profile Normal
Fatty Acid Profile Normal

PKU will be quantitated if screen is abnormal. Abnormal thyroid or CAH screens may be reported as "borderline" or "presumptive positive." An abnormal hemoglobin screen identifies hemoglobins present.


Method: Shell Vial, Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Analytical Volume: None specified


Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name: None specified
Reference Test Number:

None specified


Cards are sent out Monday through Friday at 0900 via Delivery Express courier service.  Cards can also be mailed. Do not use cards that have any other hospital's name as sender.