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Test Code OP Direct Ova + Parasite Direct Exam - Wet Mount

Biohazard Infectious

Clinical System Name

Ova + Parasite Direct Exam - Wet Mount






Shistosoma haematobium


Samples are examined directly (macroscopically) for presence and identification of larger parasites such as worms, ticks, scabies, and other arthropods.


Wet Mount is performed for Shistosoma haematobium from urine. 


For microscopic Ova and Parasite exam on stool samples see Stool Helminth Worm Parasite.

Sample Requirements


Urine for S. haematobium should be collected midday (noon to 3 pm) for peak shedding of eggs. Submit at least 10 ml of urine.

Macroscopic parasites (worms, ticks, etc) should be kept moist with a few drops of saline.


Container: Sterile Container


Preferred Vol: N/A


Minimum Vol: N/A

Processing Instructions

CPA: Send sample to Microbiology for processing. 


Off-site collection:  Off-site Children's Lab locations should send sample to SCH Main Campus for testing. Sample should be kept at room temperature prior to and during courier transport. 


Other off-site locations, keep sample at room temperature prior to and during transport. 


Temp Time
Room temp 1 hour
Refrigerated N
Frozen N


If the sample is a worm or other parasite and only macroscopic examination is required, sample is stable up to 24 hours from collection. 



Procedure Performed Turn Around Time (TAT)
Direct OP Exam 24/7 24 hours


Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory



Microbiology Laboratory

CPT Codes



This test is not limited to the CPT codes listed.  Others may be added as more testing is necessary and depending on the pathogens isolated.

Reporting Information

Final Report: 24 hours


Notifiable Result

See Link below for Notifiable Conditions for WA state labs:


See Link below for PDF of phone numbers for Local Health jurisdictions (by County) in WA State: