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Test Code OP Worm Stool Helminth Worm Parasite

Important Note

This orderable is only available to providers through appropriate PowerPlans.

Biohazard Infectious


Ova and Parasites






Diagnostic and follow-up testing for Helminths which are not included in Rapid Stool PCR testing (Rapid Stool Infectious Diarrhea PCR Pnl or Rapid Stool GI IBD Bloody Diarrhea PCR) - for rarely encountered Round worms, Tapeworms and Flukes. 


The test includes a direct wet mount and formalin concentration wet mounts for ova and cysts.


For direct examination of larger parasites such as worms, ticks, scabies, and other arthropods and or wet mount of Shistosoma haematobium from urine see Ova + Parasite Direct Exam - Wet Mount.

Sample Requirements

Specimen:  Liquid or unformed stool (or worm) collected in a clean leak-proof container.


Stool may be collected in “Alpha TEC ETM C&S” or “Para-Pak C&S” if transport will be delayed >24 hours. Para-Pak C&S is available from Microbiology by calling 206-987-2585. Fixed stool is only appropriate for this test (Stool Helminth Worm Parasite) and will not be accepted for other stool testing.


Container: Clean leakproof container


Preferred Volume: 1 gram or ml


Minimal Volume: 0.5 gram or ml

Processing Instructions

CPA:  Send stool to Microbiology ASAP.   If sample is shared and only one tube, syringe, or other container is received, affix shared sample label and send entire sample plus requisition to Microbiology.  Please call Microbiology with sample related questions.


Off-Site Locations:  This testing is only performed at SCH Microbiology.  For satellite locations, the sample should be refrigerated prior to and during transport to the SCH Micro lab.


Specimen Temp Time
Fresh Stool  or worm Room Temperature 2 hours
  Refrigerated ≤24 hours



Procedure Performed Turn Around Time (TAT)
Helminth Worm Parasite Stool 24/7 72 hours


Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory



CPT Codes



Microscopic exam