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Test Code PCR Pertus PCR for Bordetella Pathogens

Important Note

This test is used for rare incidences where no common etiology is found in prolonged cough or in the event of specimen surge during outbreaks. Respiratory infections due to B. parapertussis and B. holmesii are very rare in our region. For quicker turn-around-time (2 hours), SCH providers should order the "Rapid Resp Pertussis PCR Qual".


Prior to ordering and for other questions, please contact Microbiology Director, Dr. Xuan Qin X72586 or Microbiology Supervisors at x72585.

Biohazard Infectious


Bordetella holmesii

Bordetella parapertussis

Whooping Cough

Pertussis PCR


Bordetella pertussis


Includes Qualitative Molecular Detection of Bordetella pertussis, B. holmesii and B. parapertussis. Please forward requests for PCR for Bordetella pertussis to the Microbiology Laboratory.

Sample Requirements

Specimen: NP Copan swab or NP Wash

Container: Dry Copan FLOQ swab  (orange cap) in Swab Container, or NP Wash in Sterile Container.

Preferred Vol: N/A

Minimum Vol: N/A


Please consult the Photo Swab Guide to deterimine which swab to collect.


ESwabs, Swabs in Universal Transport Media (UTM) or any other swabs with transport media will be REJECTED. It is recommended that flexible wire with small Dacron or Rayon tips be used for collection. Do not use calcium alginate swabs. Copan Flocked Swabs are available from Central Supply after consultation with Microbiology.



Processing Instructions

CPA: Send sample to Microbiology for processing.


Off-site collection:  Off-site Children's Lab locations should send to SCH Main Campus for testing. Refrigerate or Freeze before and during courier transport.


Other off-site locations, freeze sample prior to transport. Sample must be frozen during transport. 


Temp Time
Room temp 2 hours
Refrigerated 24 hours
Frozen 72 hours



Procedure Performed Turn Around Time (TAT)
PCR Mon-Fri 9am and 2pm


  Sat/Sun/Holidays 10am 24h


Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory



Microbiology Laboratory

CPT Codes



This test is not limited to the CPT codes listed.  Others may be added as more testing is necessary and depending on the pathogens isolated (such as MIC's and ID's)

Clincal System Name

PCR for Bordetella pertussis

Notifiable Result

See Link below for Notifiable Conditions for WA state labs:


See Link below for PDF of phone numbers for Local Health jurisdictions (by County) in WA State: