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Test Code RPR Conf RPR Confirmation

Important Note

This test should only be used as confirmation from a positive Syphilis screen.  If an "RPR" is ordered, without a previous positive syphilis screen, please order the syphilis screen.

Additional Codes

Syphilis Scr

Clinical System Name

RPR Confirmation

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Gold SST or Red

Preferred Vol:Test is done on serum remaining from RPR performed at CHRMC.

Minimum Vol: Test is done on serum remaining from RPR performed at CHRMC.


Note:Provider should print and fill out State Lab Virology requisition. Send to lab Attn: Send Outs

This test is only sent out when we get a reactive or weak reactive result for RPR. Since this confirmation is required by local laws, the State Lab does not charge for this testing.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to:

Spin: Y

Aliquot: Y

Temp: 2 - 4 C

Storage location: Spin blood, refrigerate 0.5 mL serum in a plastic tube affixed with a large computer label in the CPA refrigerator. Store remaining labels and requisition in the clear plastic box on the front of the CPA fridge. Include the CHRMC RPR result on the requisition.


Off-site collection:


Specimen Type Temperature Time
  Room temp  



STAT Performed TAT
N Drawn daily 7 d


Performing Laboratory

State Lab



State Lab

1610 NE 150th St
Seattle, WA 98155-7224

Phone Number: (206) 418-5400



Reference Range

Reference values accompany patient report.


Method: None None specified

Analytical Volume: None specified


CPT Codes

CPT code

Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name: None specified
Reference Test Number: None specified
Instructions: Use a State Lab Serology/Virology/HIV test request form. Ensure that the requsition includes the SCH RPR test result. Send out on a cold pack, M - F via delivery express.