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Test Code RapidMycoPCR Rapid Resp Mycoplasma pneumo PCR Qual

Important Note

This test is for Mycoplasma pneumoniae only. For full panel, refer to RapidPnl PCR.

Biohazard Infectious

Clinical System Name

Rapid Resp Mycoplasma pneumo PCR Qual


M pneumo
Myco PCR
Mycoplasma PCR Test
Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Nasal MT Swab, Nasopharyngeal Swab, Nasal Wash

Container(s): Universal Transport Media for NP/MT Swab, Sterile Container for Nasal Wash

Preferred Vol: N/A

Minimum Vol: N/A


Note: Tracheal aspirates, sputum, pleural fluid and lung aspirate are acceptable specimens though their performance characteristics are still being determined.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Specimen Type

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: RT

Storage location: N/A


Collection:  Please consult the Photo Swab Guide to determine which swab to collect. 


SCH: Samples should be given to Core Lab


Regional Clinics: Samples should be given to Regional Clinic Lab


Non-Children's Hospital Off-site collection: Refrigerate at 4°C for transport. 





Specimen Type Temperature Time
NP/MT Swab in UTM Room temp 4 H
NP/MT Swab in UTM Refrigerated 3 D
NP/MT Swab in UTM Frozen 30 D



Specimen Type Temperature Time
Nasal Wash Room temp 2 H
Nasal Wash Refrigerated 24 H
Nasal Wash Frozen N


Availability at SCH

STAT Performed TAT
N 24/7 2 H



Availability at Regional Clinics

STAT Performed TAT
N During Clinic Hours* 2 H


*Regional Clinics: Samples received after 10pm weekdays and 8pm weekends/holidays will be sent to SCH Core Lab for testing.

Performing Laboratories

Seattle Children's Core Laboratory  

Regional Clinics



SCH Core Lab

Regional Labs


Method: Molecular method by Film Array

Analytical Volume: 0.3 mL

CPT Codes