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Urine Amylase

Clinical System Name

Miscellaneous Test


Amylase, Random Urine

Amylase, 2 Hour Urine

Amylase, 12 Hour Urine

Amylase, 24 Hour Urine

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Urine

Container(s): Sterile Screw-Capped Container

Preferred Vol: 10.0 mL

Minimum Vol: 10.0 mL


Note: Timed collection recommended; no reference ranges for random urine samples. Can be 2 hour, 12 hour, or 24 hour urine collections. Refrigerate during collection. Indicate Start and Stop for timed collection.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to:

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: 2 - 4 C

Storage location: Transfer 10 mL random urine to a leak-proof plastic aliquot container affixed with large computer label. Note total volume for timed collections. Store sample in CPA refrigerator send outs rack.


Off-site collection: Refrigerate urine during collection. Note Start and Stop times for timed collection, as well as total volume of collection on shipped aliquot. Transport refrigerated.


STAT Performed TAT
Y Daily 1 - 2 d


Performing Laboratory

University of Washington

Dept of Laboratory Medicine

1959 NE Pacific St, NW220
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone Number: (206) 520-4600


Department:  Send Outs


Phone Number: (206) 987-2563



Reference Range

Reference range for TIMED SPECIMENS ONLY with report.



Method: Spectrophotometric

Analytical Volume: 10.0 mL urine


CPT Codes


Send Out Instructions


Reference Test Name: Amylase, Urine
Reference Test Number: UAY
Instructions: Send out routine requests M - F with the UW/HMC courier. Stats should be sent via delivery express to UW Lab immediately following the Stat Sendout Procedure.