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LAB3029  Fabrazyme (Agalsidase beta) IgG Antibody LabCorp-Esoterix
  Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Test UI Diagnostic Laboratories
FACTOR X  Factor 10 Assay Harborview Medical Center
LAB3030  Factor 10 Assay, Chromogenic University of Washington - Coagulation
FACTOR 11  Factor 11 Assay Harborview Medical Center
FACTOR 12  Factor 12 Assay Harborview Medical Center
LAB1113  Factor 13 Activity ARUP Laboratories
FACTOR 2  Factor 2 Assay Harborview Medical Center
FACTOR 5  Factor 5 Activity Harborview Medical Center
FACTOR 7  Factor 7 Assay Harborview Medical Center
LAB3700  Factor 8 Assay   Seattle Childrens Hospital
Chrom F8  Factor 8 Assay, Chromogenic Seattle Childrens Hospital
F8 INH  Factor 8 Inhibitor Level Harborview Medical Center
LAB3035  Factor 8 Inversion DNA Bloodworks Northwest - Hemostasis Reference Laboratory
FACTOR 9  Factor 9 Assay Harborview Medical Center
F9 INH  Factor 9 Inhibitor Level Seattle Childrens Hospital
LAB3037  Factor B Level National Jewish Health
LAB3039  Factor H Autoantibodies The University of Iowa - MORL
LAB3040  Factor H Level National Jewish Health
LAB3041  Factor I Level National Jewish Health
F9 INHIB  Factor IX Inhibitor Screen Seattle Childrens Hospital
LAB3031  Factor V Leiden University of Washington - Genetics
F8 INH SC  Factor VIII Inhibitor Screen Harborview Medical Center
Factrel  Factrel Stimulation Seattle Childrens Hospital
FMTT  Familial Mutation, Targeted Testing, Varies Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester