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LAB3029  Fabrazyme IgG Antibody LabCorp / Sanofi Genzyme
  Fabry Disease, Full Gene Analysis, Varies Mayo Clinic Laboratories in Rochester
  Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Test UI Diagnostic Laboratories
FACTOR X  Factor 10 Assay Harborview Medical Center
CHROM F10  Factor 10 Assay, Chromogenic Seattle Childrens Hospital
FACTOR 11  Factor 11 Assay Harborview Medical Center
FACTOR 12  Factor 12 Assay Harborview Medical Center
LAB1113  Factor 13 Activity ARUP Laboratories
FACTOR 2  Factor 2 Assay Harborview Medical Center
FACTOR 5  Factor 5 Activity Harborview Medical Center
FACTOR 7  Factor 7 Assay Harborview Medical Center
LAB3700  Factor 8 Assay   Seattle Childrens Hospital
Chrom F8  Factor 8 Assay, Chromogenic Seattle Childrens Hospital
F8 INH  Factor 8 Inhibitor Level Harborview Medical Center
LAB3035  Factor 8 Inversion DNA Bloodworks Northwest - Hemostasis Reference Laboratory
FACTOR 9  Factor 9 Assay Harborview Medical Center
F9 INH  Factor 9 Inhibitor Level Seattle Childrens Hospital
LAB3037  Factor B Level National Jewish Health
LAB3039  Factor H Autoantibodies The University of Iowa - MORL
LAB3040  Factor H Level National Jewish Health
LAB3041  Factor I Level National Jewish Health
F9 INHIB  Factor IX Inhibitor Screen Seattle Childrens Hospital
FV LEIDEN  Factor V Leiden University of Washington - Genetics
F8 INH SC  Factor VIII Inhibitor Screen Harborview Medical Center
Factrel  Factrel Stimulation Seattle Childrens Hospital