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Sodium Corrected for Glucose

Important Note

This is not an orderable lab test, nor is it performed by the laboratory.  It is an automatic calculation that occurs in CIS.  See description for more details.


Corrected Sodium for Glucose (DKA)

Calculated Na

Calculated Sodium



The Sodium Corrected for Glucose is not a test performed by the Laboratory, but is a calculation that occurs via a CIS rule.  The result displays on the patient's chart as Sodium (Corrected for Glucose, DKA).  This is viewable in the Chemistry section in both CIS and PathNet (ORV flowsheet view).


The rule for the calculation is intended only for DKA patients, and only works for patients that have an order "Corrected Sodium for Glucose (DKA)" on the same encounter.  The result can be calculated from either a Point of Care or standard Glucose.

  • Glucose must be greater than 100.
  • Sodium must have been collected ± 20 minutes from the Glucose specimen.

Formula: Corrected Na = Na (mg/dL) + ((((Glucose (mg/dL) - 100)/100) x 1.6)



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