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Test Code HOLD Specimen Storage

Additional Codes

Specimen Storage, Blue Top (Citrate)

Specimen Storage, CSF

Specimen Storage, Gold Top (SST)

Specimen Storage, Green Top (NaHep)

Specimen Storage, Lavender Top (EDTA)

Specimen Storage, Other

Specimen Storage, Red Top

Specimen Storage, Urine

Clinical System Name

Specimen Storage


Hold Blue Top

Hold CSF

Hold Gold Top

Hold Green Top

Hold Lavender Top

Hold Other

Hold Red Top

Hold Urine


The lab can process and hold samples (all sample types) for standard amounts of time, while waiting for specific testing orders.

Use the “CIS Add-on Lab Test Communication” orderable.

“Add-on” orders must be received within specified storage time frames otherwise the sample will be discarded.
Samples are held for:

  • Samples stored at -70C will be retained for three months.
  • Refrigerated temperatures will be held for one month.
  • Room temperature will be held for one week.

“Specimen Storage” order will need to be placed for each tube/container requested to be held. Within the order, the provider will be prompted to supply information on tube/container type (required), volume requirements (optional), storage conditions (required) and intended testing (optional). All required fields have an “other” option which can be used to enter unique requests. The provider will be contacted if sufficient information is not provided for sample storage.”

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Varies

Container(s): Varies

Preferred Vol: Varies

Minimum Vol: Varies


Processing Instructions

Reject due to: N/A

Spin: See below

Aliquot: See below

Temp: See below

Storage location: See below


Additional Information:  When provider places order they will indicate particular container type, volume needed, and storage temperature and potentially intended testing information.  Process samples according to these instructions or escalate unusual requests to provider for clarification.





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