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Test Code LAB2696 ABO Incompatible HEART Titers

Important Note

This test is always STAT. Lab CPA: When a Send Outs team member is present, notify them IMMEDIATELY. After hours or on weekends, send the sample "DIRECT" to Bloodworks Northwest (921 Terry Ave) via Delivery Express.

Clinical System Name

ABO Incompatible HEART Titers, Anti A or Anti B


ABO Antibodies
Anti A Antibodies

Anti B Antibodies

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Lavender/EDTA

Preferred Vol: 7.0 mL
*Pediatric Minimum Vol: 1 full 3.0 mL Lavender/EDTA macrotainer

*Neonate Minimum Vol: 2 full 0.5 mL Lavender/EDTA microtainers

Note: Samples with low volumes may preclude full ABO typing and may require re-draw if blood product transfusion is required.


Note: NO GEL SEPARATORS. Complete a BWNW Immunohematology Reference Laboratory Request for Testing. Label on specimen and requisition must include: Patient name (as registered), medical record number, phlebotomist's initials, and date/time drawn. Information on the label and requisition must match the patient's arm band exactly. Deliver specimen and requisition to Seattle Children's Main Lab.


Processing Instructions

Reject due to: Gold/SST, Serum separator gel tube

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: RT


Note: Use a BWNW Immunohematology Reference Laboratory Request for Testing. Fill out as completely as possible. Remove "Originator/Hospital" copy; place a large specimen label in the top right corner.


Storage location: This test is always STAT. When a Send Outs team member is present, notify them IMMEDIATELY. After hours or on weekends, send sample "DIRECT" to Bloodworks Northwest via Delivery Express.


Off-site collection:


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Whole blood Room temp  



STAT Performed TAT
  Daily  24 - 48 h


Performing Laboratory

Bloodworks Northwest

Immunohematology Reference Laboratory

921 Terry Avenue

Seattle, WA 98104


Phone: (206) 689-6525


Department: Send Outs

Phone Number: (206) 987-2563



CPT Codes



Method: Serial test tube dilution methodology

Analytical Volume: See "Specimen Requirements" section.


Reference Range

Interpretive report provided.

Send Out Instructions

Reference Test Name: ABO Incompatible Heart Transplant Titer (anti A or anti B)
Reference Test Number: 3115-00

Place labels and a copy of the requisition in the bottom of the Send Outs tower. Promptly send specimen and requisition "DIRECT" to Bloodworks Northwest (921 Terry Ave) via Delivery Express.