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Test Code LAB2703 ADA, Immunodeficiency Analysis

Important Note

This test is no longer offered as a clinical test. It is Research Use Only (RUO). This test can only be collected Monday through Thursday 08:00 AM - 14:00 PM.


Dr. Hershfield's Laboratory requires advanced notification prior to sending samples out for testing. Please contact the Send Outs department at ext. 7-2563 prior to collection of ADA samples.

Additional Codes


Clinical System Name

ADA, Immunodeficiency Analysis


ADA Monitoring

Sample Requirements

Specimen: Whole Blood

Container(s): Dark Green/Sodium Heparin or Lavendar/EDTA

Preferred Vol: 3.0 - 5.0 mL

Minimum Vol: 2.0 mL


Notes: Monday through Thursday before 13:00 PM only. Deliver to the Lab immediately.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to:

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Temp: RT

Storage Location: Affix a large Cerner label to the tube and place in room temperature Send Outs rack. Alert Sendouts team.


Off-site Collection: No off-site collection.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Whole Blood Room temp 24 h
  Refrigerated N
  Frozen N



N 1-2 w


Performing Laboratory

Duke University Hospital

Hershfield Laboratory

Dr. Michael Hershfield

Room 418 Sands Building, Box 3049, DUMC

Durham, NC 27710


Phone Number: (919) 684-4184


Department: Send Outs

Phone Number: (206) 987-2563



Method: None specified

Analytical Volume: None specified


Reference Range

Interpretive report is provided.

Send Out Instructions

Reference Test Name: ADA or ADA2 (please specify on requisition)
Reference Test Number: None specified

Must be shipped ambient via FedEx Priority Overnight shipping Monday through Thursday.


Send Outs: Please email Dr. Hershfield directly prior to shipping any ADA samples. The Hershfield Laboratory requires advanced notification. Please include the patient's name, DOB, and FedEx tracking number (if applicable) in the email notification. The Hershfield Laboratory does not accept Saturday delivery.