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Test Code LAB403 Urine Ketones

Clinical System Name

Urine Ketones


Acetone Urine
Diacetic Acid
Ketone Bodies



Sample Requirements

Specimen: Urine

Container(s): Sterile, screw-capped container preferred. Clean container also acceptable.

Preferred Vol:  1.0 mL

Minimum Vol:  0.5 mL


Notes: MESNA may cause a falsely elevated ketone result.


For bagged urines: Aspirate urine sample from bag using a sterile needleless syringe and place in sterile specimen cup before sending to the lab.

For non-sterile containers: Urines collected in non-sterile containers will not be sent for culture. They will have the following comment appended: “Urine collected into a non-sterile container. Results may be affected due to unknown interferents, and sample is unsuitable for culture. For future collections please collect urine into a sterile specimen cup.”


Acceptable collection methods: bagged, bladder tap, bladder wash, clean catch, cystoscopy, direct catheter, foley catheter, lleal loop, indwelling catheter, kidney, midstream void, nephrostomy, supra, suprapubic asperate, ureter.

Processing Instructions

Reject due to:  Insufficient quantity, incorrect storage temperature, age of specimen, gross contamination, specimens collected with cotton balls or gauze, specimens obtained from diapers, specimens sent in any preservative solution.

Spin: N

Aliquot: N

Storage location: Core 5 Refrigerator


Off-site collection:  Keep specimen tightly capped and deliver to the Lab within two hours of collection or keep refrigerated at 2-8oC.


Specimen Type Temperature Time
Urine RT

≤ 2 H

Urine 2-8 C

≤ 7 d

  -20 C or -70 C



STAT Performed TAT
Y 24/7  1 h

Performing Laboratory

Seattle Children's Laboratory    


Department:  Core Chemistry

Phone Number: 206-987-2617 (Client Services)

CPT Codes



Method: Clinitek Advantus Urine Analyzer with Seimens Reagent strips

Analytical Volume: 0.5 mL

Reference Range